BalMid AB was founded in 1989 and is a merger of the companies Balancia and Midania. The company was called Balancia-Midania untill 2011 when the name was changed into BalMid.

We have more than 20 years of experience in developing and designing accessories and health and beauty items and we are leading in sourcing, logistics and inventory management in the segment of the Nordic market.

Our own brands were introduced on the market in the end of the 90’s and they have developed with the markets demand. Today we work with three own brands in seven product areas. 

We have a subsidiary company, BalMid ASIA Ltd in Hong Kong, that was founded in 2009. BalMid ASIA Ltd is an independent company with three employees. They have their own clients and operate in Asia. BalMid ASIA works as BalMid AB’s extended arm as they are close to the production.

We have also a subsidiary company in Lithuania, UAB BalMid Baltic, that was founded 2013. UAB BalMid Baltic is also an independent company with two employees and they work with their own clients within the Baltic states.