BalMid manufactures and distributes its own brands
with focus on larger retail chains on the Nordic market.  


  • Beauty needs
    A wide and high-quality assortment of hair products, make up products, spa products,
    toilet bags and seasonal articles.
  • Travel needs
    A complete, trendy assortment of travelling products for the quality-conscious traveler.
  • Kids needs
    A colorful and fun assortment of hair accessories for kids.
  • Simply needs
    For the price-conscious customer we offer a wide assortment of products for hair and makeup,
    toilet bags and seasonal articles.


A complete series of delightful spa products that gives the customer a feeling of luxurious spa.

Complete hair and body sets

  • RESQ Red – hair
  • RESQ Olive – body
  • RESQ Spa – products with the feeling of spa